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The SóZerinhoMotoShow team is made up of professionals in constant training and extremely dedicated to their activities.  


In addition to the announcer, who provides the public with the details of each maneuver and, above all, entertainment for the public, the pilots guarantee total control over the machines, thus enabling a radical and, above all, safe show.  


All this technical training and infrastructure today, are a reflection of twelve years of hard work, recognized by the public inside and outside Brazil and also by our partners, to which SóZerinhoMotoShow dedicates and appreciates each presentation.  Our philosophy is to develop more daring maneuvers every day, with the aim of presenting an increasingly engaging show, because most of the time this is the only way to show the general public the advances of these machines, which certainly have great sensory appeal. , which makes our show a great attraction for events in general.  This is our challenge and our satisfaction.

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