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In 1988, in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, was born a company that would become the world leader in the production of helmets, as well as the largest motorcycle spare parts factory in Latin America. But untill reaching this position, a long way was run by Pro Tork, which had its beginnings in an unpretentious way, with the artisanal production of motorcycle exhausts.

The Bonilha family's entrepreneurship turned the business into a great opportunity. Analyzing the needs of the market, the brand started to develop new items, investing in technology, in the qualification of professionals and also in structure. It was then that, in 1993, they made the important decision to move tothe city of Siqueira Campos, in the north of the state of Parana.

There, they managed to develop audacious projects, such as the first motorcycle factory in the south of Brazil, among many others. Currently, Pro Tork has eight production units, which add up to 600 thousand meters of built area, operated by more than five thousand employees, responsible for a catalog with more than 40 K items.
Part of the success is due to the race tracks. Pro Tork products are tested everyday by the best athletes. Speaking of which, Pro Tork is one of the Brazilian companies that invest the most in the two wheels sports, sponsoring not only big names, but also amateur riders. The company also supports other extreme sports such as freestyle motocross, wheeling and drifting.

 All this led Pro Tork to dominate the national market, with a 72% market share. For every 10 motorcycles in circulation in Brazil, 7 have at least one item of the brand. Every day, dozens of trucks leave Pro Tork's headquarters to supply retailers all over the country and the production lines of other companies in the two-wheel segment. The company also exports its products to more than 50 countries.


Meet the applicable requirements and satisfy the needs of our customers, regarding the production of parts and equipment for motorcycles and life jackets.

To promote the continuous improvement of our processes and products, aiming at the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


Develop parts and accessories for the motorcycle market that meet the needs and expectations of customers, combining technology, human development and social commitment.


Maintain the position conquered in the market in which it operates with sustainable growth and business viability.


Ethical conduct;


Fair Commercial Relationship;

I respect people and their specificities;
Respect for laws;

Respect for the environment.

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