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Common questions

How to get a price list?

Our Commercial Department will be happy to assist you, contact us by phone (43) 3571-8500 or by e-mail: -  You can also communicate directly with one of our representatives, locate him on the map .

Where can I get Pro Tork stickers?

Promotional stickers are offered free of charge by retailers who work with the brand. These also sell special adhesives.

How to submit a sponsorship proposal to Pro Tork?

Pro Tork is the biggest supporter of extreme sports in the country, sponsoring and supporting dozens of riders and events.
To have a project evaluated, fill in the form available HERE

How do I know the price of products?

Pro Tork does not inform the price of products to end consumers. Consult a store of your choice.

Is the Smart Box locker sold separately?

Yes, you can find the lock at the store where you bought the chest. If the part is not in stock, the retailer can place the order with the factory.

Are Pro Tork helmets approved by INMETRO?

Yes, all Pro Tork helmets are INMETRO homologated and receive the application of the certification seal on the back. Before purchasing a helmet, make sure it has this certification. It is the guarantee that the product has been tested and approved for the Brazilian user. 

Can I purchase products directly from Pro Tork?

The marketing of products is done only through retailers and distributors. Consumers who wish to purchase Pro Tork products must go to one of the more than 13 thousand sales points spread across the country.

Do Pro Tork exhausts comply with Brazilian traffic code laws?

Yes. All Pro Tork exhausts have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the national traffic code.  

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