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         The Pro Tork Alto Giro Show team is considered the best team of extreme maneuvers in Latin America. With unprecedented maneuvers and innovative special effects, the group has been performing for 20 years throughout Brazil and other countries.  such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.

         The team has an independent show structure that provides its contractors with 100% comfort. Track isolation grids, complete digital sound equipment, lighting and electrical generators are part of this gigantic structure.

        The group consists of 4 pilots, an announcer, a DJ and two track assistants. During the presentations, eight motorcycles ranging from 50 to 1000 cc are used, including a quadricycle and a motorcycle duly prepared for special effects. They perform several radical maneuvers, among them, jumps in arcs of fire, pyramids, prancing and skidding. Some have special effects, such as the exclusive Helmet Fire, as well as audience interaction.

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